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Talent Concept

We advocate green life and pay attention to every employee's growth and safety. Encourage employee to innovate and breakthrough oneself, grow up with the enterprise."Passion, effective and union" is Green’s philosophy.

1Talent Strategic Guiding Ideology

To implement the scientific concept of development, to speed up the upgrading of human resources professional ability as the goal, firmly grasp the cultivation, attracting, and good talent three links, speed up the pace of building talent to alleviate the situation of shortage of talent, For the development of group companies to provide personnel support.

2Talent Strategic Planning Principles

1. the principle of all-round development. And build up the concept of talent with both moral and political integrity and morality as the first principle. We should pay more attention to the construction of professional ethics and ideals and convictions of talents, highlight the comprehensive knowledge of talents and the cultivation of professional skills, and promote the comprehensive development of talents.
2. people-oriented principle. To achieve the sustainable development of human as the goal, strengthen the concept of personnel in the article, give full play to the role of various types of personnel, and promote personnel development and enterprise development coordination.
3. the principle of capacity-building for the pilot. Speed up the building of qualified personnel, so high-end pulling, leading the development.
4. the implementation of the principle of lifelong education and training. Promote the implementation of multi-level, diversified lifelong education and training, not only to meet the number of supply and demand balance, and to achieve coordination and optimization of personnel structure.
5. to professional standards for training, certification, use the principle. Through vocational training, to achieve professional talent from weak to strong change.
6. the overall advance principle. We should strengthen the convergence and interaction of the training, evaluation, selection, use, flow, encouragement and protection of talented people, and establish an efficient operation mechanism and high-quality work pattern in line with the socialist market economy.

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